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introduction to physics pdf high school - Elementary Mechanics

introduction to physics pdf high school - Elementary Mechanics

introductory physics quickly and efficiently pdf

   This introductory mechanics text is intended to be used in the first semester of a twosemester series of courses teaching introductory physics at the college level, followed by a second semester course in introductory electricity and magnetism, and optics. The text is intended to support teaching the material at a rapid, but advanced level – it was developed to support teaching introductory calculus-based physics to potential physics majors, engineers, and other natural science majors at Duke University over a period of more than thirty years. 

     Students who hope to succeed in learning physics from this text will need, as a minimum prerequisite, a solid grasp of basic mathematics. It is strongly recommended that all students have mastered mathematics at least through single-variable differential
calculus (typified by the AB advanced placement test or a first semester college calculus course). Students should also be taking (or have completed) single variable integral calculus (typified by the BC advanced placement test or a second-semester college calculus
course). In the text it is presumed that students are competent in geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and single variable calculus; more advanced multivariate calculus is used in a number of places but it is taught in context as it is needed and is always “separable” into two or three independent one-dimensional integrals.

    Many students are, unfortunately weak in their mastery of mathematics at the time they take physics. This enormously complicates the process of learning for them, especially if they are years removed from when they took their algebra, trig, and calculus classes (as is frequently the case for pre-medical students taking the course in their junior year of college). For that reason, a separate supplementary text intended specifically to help students of introductory physics quickly and efficiently review the required math is being prepared as a companion volume to all semesters of introductory physics. Indeed, it should really be quite useful for any course being taught with any textbook series and not just this one.

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