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When do you start learning physics?

 When do you start learning physics?

When do you start learning physics?
start learning physics 2020

If we want to answer the question “When to start learning physics We must know that learning physics today has become a necessary thing in our life; therefore, we had to learn it from childhood .

How to simplify physics for a 6-year-old child


  Is it too early to teach your 3-year-old child to quantum physics and evolution theory, the question is why not?  Why do you think that your child will not understand the basic rules of chemistry or that simplifying physics for him is difficult at this age?


    Why not start now?  Your child's wild imagination will help him identify answers to questions such as: Why are the lights of things different in the world? What are the things that float and the things that sink? How do you do things?

The following Article provides you with simplified physics books that your child can learn and learn with him.


Chris Ferrie simplifies your child physics, relativity, planets, evolution in four books.

       This is a ball.. And this ball has power. This is another ball.. This is an energy-free ball. Balls are atoms. There are neutrons, protons, electrons, electrons, energy.

So can Chris Ferry, who displays himself as father, writer and academic, and the owner of a number of books simplified for children, presenting quantum physics to your child, only to discover the world of the atoms and defines the meaning of an electron, and becomes a World amount, and in the book "Quantum Physics for babies".


The comic book explains the basics in just a few words, and is also available in Arabic. The advantage of Chris Frey's book series "Physics for babies" is that it intensifies information; each page contains one line. The child links the information to the drawing.



The book of the 8 small planets:

"This ball, this ball has mass, there is a block top of the and lower" not only to teach Chris Freeman children on quantum physics and the planets, but also sees through his second book, "general relativity for kids", it's not too early to learn an input to the theory of general relativity to the world famous Albert Einstein.

The theory of evolution is a way to understand the history of life, how we got to this situation, so I felt Very important to teach a child the theory of evolution, in his fourth book “The Theory of evolution for infants Evolution for babies" which answers in a simplified manner about questions such as: how to identify genetic mutations in? And how did the organisms evolve? And how did you face the hardships of living? Because it's not too early for your baby to be a scientist .


When do you start learning physics third book will help you:

    Big Bang... How did we get here?  Yeah, you can simplify the physics for your kid so he can learn the entrance to the Big Bang Theory. Tell the writer and illustrator Michael Rubino in the book "The Bang how we come to be" your child is interesting about the beginning of this universe, and stars, and galaxies, the origin of the solar system and the Earth, the story of the evolution of various objects; single-celled organisms, fish, worms, and Human also of semi-human beings, and also of the dangers that threaten the Earth such as population increase, pollution.


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