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Understanding Physics at the Fundamental Level I download pdf

Understanding Physics at the Fundamental Level I pdf

Understanding Physics at the Fundamental 2021

 The subject of this present book is the history and explanation of modern physics and the introduction of a description of the quantum Universe, which has clarity , Every so often science moves by large leaps, sometimes spurred by the realization that the commonly held beliefs of the day need revising. One such revolution was in the time of Galileo, at the end of the renaissance. Another great change occurred at the turn of  the twentieth century, when there was a revolution in modern scientific thinking. 

Yet another leap in the understanding of quantum physics is required to explain the newly uncovered mysteries of the Universe. Historically, the dawning of the modern era in quantum physics was initiated by  Max Planck, in the early days of the twentieth century. Max Planck made the fascinating  discovery of a least energy quantity, or quantum. This minimum energy unit was thenceforth called Planck’s constant, and its discovery gave birth to the entirely new field of quantum mechanics .

Ironically all this happened when scientists of the time had decided that all that could be known was known, apart from a few trivial details. This could not have been further from the truth. The second irony of that discovery was that Planck himself was firmly embedded in old-fashioned classical Newtonian physics and had initially no idea in reality how absolutely important his discovery of quantum physics was. 

The third and most pertinent irony was that, had Planck at that time known and understood more about Einstein’s later work on energy equivalence, a far better understanding of quantum physics could have been ascertained by now. In actual fact, the knowledge we have today is itself small compared to the much broader and more elegant picture, which awaits around the corner.

chapter  1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Enormous Energy From Matter

Chapter 3: The Beginning of the Beginning 

Chapter 4: Wave Particle Duality, Ying and Yang 

Chapter 5: The Relativity Revolution

Chapter 6: The Battle of the Physics Giants

Chapter 7: Quintessential Mass Quanta

Chapter 8: Light and Matter Waves

Chapter 9: Matter Waves Explained

Chapter 10: The Shape of Clouds to Come

Chapter 11: String theory, untying the Gordian Knot 

Chapter 12: Fundamental Energy Symmetry

Understanding Physics at the Fundamental Level I pdf